Everything You Need To Know About A Prefab ADU

August 17th, 2022

An ADU, or an accessory dwelling unit, is a type of secondary housing unit that can be constructed on a single-family lot and that includes all the necessary facilities to ensure comfortable living. However, in the ADU homes, owners can access two different options:

The stick-built ADU, which is constructed on-site

The prefab ADU, which is built by the manufacturer in its warehouse and then transported to the homeowner’s location.

These types of prefab ADU’s are increasing in popularity in the US, mostly because their design and potential quality of life they offer have exponentially improved over the years. If you’re considering a prefab ADU, here’s what you need to know about these types of homes.

What Are the Benefits of a Prefab ADU?

Traditionally, manufactured homes never had as good of a reputation regarding quality. They were considered cheap and easy ways for people to have access to housing, but the quality of construction did not necessarily make room for long-term living.

Today, this is not the case, and manufactured homes, as well as prefab ADUs, can offer homeowners great amenities that come in even greater style. Here are a few major benefits of opting for a prefab ADU:

pre fab adu

What About Prefab Drawbacks?

One major drawback of prefab ADU involves the homeowner’s desire for more creative designs. Typically, these constructions are designed to offer homes additional functioning space but are rarely architecturally-creative.

While most homeowners interested in a prefab ADU will focus on choosing a unit based on its size, if you’re interested in more modern shapes that go beyond the traditional square or rectangles of prefab ADU, then you might have some difficulty in finding a unit to your liking.

More ‘creative’ designs could be achieved, of course, but you’ll likely have to opt for the unit to be built on location instead of having a prefab one. This can translate into higher costs and a lengthy construction timeline.

What Codes Do Prefab Units Abide By?

When it’s built on-location, the ADU must abide by local building codes. However, since prefab ADU are constructed in a controlled environment and then transported to the homeowners, the process followed federal standards, so the local authorities cannot intervene in matters outside of the unit size and finish.

Note that while other states impose strict rules regarding the size of the lot a manufactured home can be placed on, California makes no such requirement. State law says that these units can be built or added anywhere a conventional home site is allowed.

What to Buy and ADU? We Can Help!

If you’re in the California area and are looking for a high-quality prefab ADU, we at Mettle Construction Group can help. We are experienced in building several different types of ADU that fit our client’s needs and exceed their quality expectations.

Reach out to us online or call our office at (805) 361-7403 for a free consultation.

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